October 14, 2012

Girl in the City

It’s never easy to know exactly whether the decision you have taken is for your own good or for your worse. Once a decision is made, your life’s path changes its course towards a different direction. Your life’s path is more or less like a navigation point on a GPRS map. The paths and the directions keeps drifting around you and you are left to choose the most suitable path from the numerous rights, lefts and U-turns. And it’ll be even more challenging when you have no idea about the destination!

Most of the times you are bound to take a wrong turn; a wrong turn that is taken intentionally just to see how the path works for your future or the same wrong turn taken unintentionally and later regretted. Either way to move forward towards any direction, you have to take that decision. You have to choose that path and you have to tread on it and experience what the path holds for you.

Ever since the graduation, all I’ve been doing is searching for that one right path amidst the numerous options that are laid before me. But all I did was choose each option and carefully contemplate the pros and cons of each such option. Over the months I started to realise, what I think, see, read and hear about the options in front of me is nothing compared to what I would experience firsthand in case I choose one of them.

You can make all the plans you want. But how much a perfectly laid out plan can actually work out? Even the best laid plans fail and mine is far from being called perfect. But I have choices. Lots of them. But all of them have the same weight age. All of them have their own pros and cons. If I choose one, I have to be ready to face some high roads and always be ready to sacrifice my comfort zone. Nothing ever comes easy for sure.

So here I am. In this big city, away from home. Finally moving forward on to a new path rather than contemplating what the path holds in the future. Am I scared what would happen if things doesn’t work out? Hell yes. I’m scared about a lot of things but I know I have it in me to face them all. And that comforts me to some extent.

Future is always unknown and I’m glad not to know. Makes my life simpler to live and to survive. Yes, surviving. I never actually lived to survive before; I just lived a carefree life. But now I’m surviving to live. And that makes all the difference there is.


  1. Every word rings true here, life is a journey full of choices and in order to move forward in this voyage we need to tread wisely and carefully. We must also remember that with our own will power and our strong beliefs, we can make our journeys point to destinations that we desire.

    All the best to the girl in the city, here's wishing all her plans work out in the right directions :)

  2. All the best Neha, believe in yourself and you shall be fine :D

  3. That's very well laid out. I like your thought process. And, yes, you can never be completely certain that your plans will work! Best of luck!

  4. Best wishes Neha. What you said is very true, and it feels like you have put into words the thoughts that are running through my mind right now! Yes, life offers us a lot of options and some are later regretted. But I wouldn't call it regret. Its a decision that feels right when you would take it at that point in time! Some other time, it may not fit! But best to experience stuff first hand! Stay strong and believe in yourself!

  5. Once a decision is taken the no matter what goes wrong we should not regret it. Instead struggle hard and bring things back on track with our confidence and positivity.. Enjoy this new phase of life Neha.. I am sure you will take a right decision and luck will always be with u :) Stay Blessed


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