December 31, 2011

New Year

As the year comes to a fast end,
I’ve done as much as I can do to mend;
All of my past deed,
To which I once felt the need.
But, now as I head towards a new year,
My past stories seem so mere;
Coz I’m eager to get through that door,
Where new opportunities are floored.
And now, it’s my chance to grab the right one,
To make the best of it, along with loads of fun! 

Happy New Year Everyone!!! :)

December 15, 2011

Theme Thursday - Sweet

Taste of sweet nectar
Reminds me of times we shared
Bittersweet memoirs.

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Clock of life

The clock of life is wound but once.
Life's choices lies in abundance.
But to choose the one that's right,
Is not an easy trick to learn overnight.

So lets head out and make mistakes.
Be reckless and later deal with the fates.
Because life Experience arrives as we fall.
Time is limited but enough to make the right call.

Written for: Carry on Tuesday #135

December 11, 2011


The ocean calls from beyond.
Little boat, with its long oars,
Ready to be taken for a sail;
As they await you by the shore.

It’s upon you to mount this boat,
Leave behind this so called life.
Come aboard, the ocean calls to you,
To escape from life’s piercing knives.

Your life so far, a grieving symphony.
You deserve another chance at recovery.
Come aboard, the ocean calls to you.
Your future waits, sail ahead to rediscover.

The ocean swoons you from beyond.
Free yourself from the bonds of fear and shackle.
For it is time to start, a journey afresh.
Oh, to be young again, is indeed a life’s miracle.

P.S: A second chance at rediscovering one's life, could be anyone's dream.

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My Knight Forever

“Where are you taking me?”
Curiously, she tried to peek,
From behind the blindfold.
“Patience my love, you’ll soon see”
He let the blindfold fall.
There they stood,
Middle of a giant chessboard.
Surrounded by the majestic,
Black and white pawns.
“This is beautiful”, she sighed
“If only I knew how to play...”
“You’ll soon learn from me” he smiled
“But on one condition...”
He knelt down and held out his hand;
“Will you be my queen forever?”
She folded her arms and spoke;
“No, I shan’t!”
His devastated look made her happy.
She had found her true love at last.
Reaching down to him,
She whispered in his ear;
“Will you honour my heart,
And be my forever knight?”

December 10, 2011

Concealed Love

A covert mission
Tattooed my heart with your name
If only you knew

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I see dark Malice.
Your eyes brimming with lust.
Am I to trust you?

Path I ought not trot.
Resonating from our bodies,
Deep dark Malice.

Restraining myself.
This joy of pure pleasure ends.
Alas, righteous Malice.

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December 07, 2011


Forgetting important things has always been a passive habit of mine.
Often when I travel, I get this lingering feeling that I might have left something behind.
Really, sometimes I just wish I could forget forgetting for once.
Generally, I forget to pick up my mom from the grocery shop.
Of course she can’t reach me through my cell-phone.
That’s because I’d often forget to recharge its battery too!
Ting tong! Wonder who that could be?
Evening MOM, I know I forgot again, sorry... (That's one angry mom!)
Now, where was I? Oh, forget it... ~waves a white flag!!!~

P.S: Just to be clear, I never forget to pick up my mom from the grocery shop!! 

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December 06, 2011

A strange place to call home.

They sat and ate in silence.
Glad to be warm inside,
After a long day's penance.
They felt home, so far from home.

The darkness of winter,
And the cold snowy storm,
Were well outside the shackled walls.
All accepted prison life with lesser scorn.

They might as well get used to this.
This is their home, for the next few days.
And at the end of this Reality Show,
Is where the Real Money pays.

P.S: Wrote this with regard to all the reality shows that are aired on T.V. A strange place to live with different people from different backgrounds. And amidst all the cat-fights and politics that goes on inside these reality shows, When people get-together and share food, everyone feels at home at that instant.

December 05, 2011



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Taj Mahal

 Image courtesy: link

The powerful infinite passion
Ardent to the desiree
Jinxed treasure and wonder

Marble flooring and walls
Angelic beauty of India
Haunted tomb of souls
An undying love symbol
Love forever will last

P.S: This is my first acrostic Poetry attempt.
Written for:

Evening Nature And Caged Freedom

I needed a break from the same old routine of my daily life. I had had enough of studying and fearing the outcome during the exam. Exam time is the worst time and it occurs twice a year. I was going crazy with all the books strewn across my table and my bed. I wanted to run away from this madness. I wanted to go to one of the natural places in Mysore. The first thought that came to my mind was a nice, long evening walk at Karanji Lake. So I drove all the way to the place to enjoy the scenic beauty and to forget about my worries for some time. I badly needed a time out and I hoped to attain some peace from mother nature.

As I entered the premises of the lake, I was greeted by the glassy lake adorned by the orange sky. And further more as I got my camera out to take a few snaps I got lucky as a flock of white cranes flew over the water. It was a Joyous moment!

I even went for a boat ride and enjoyed playing with the cool, clear water although the boat instructor told me not to keep my hand in the water for long as the lake was a home for crocodiles too!!

As I sat and explored the lake, I saw many birds on the bare tree branches. The trees were their home and what a lovely place to live in- a home surrounded by water and clear sky. Well, I tried not to think about what these poor birds would do on a rainy day but then again its in their nature to adapt to any weather unlike us humans.

The warm, golden light caught my eye;
Peeping through the leaves and branches, 
As its beauty spread across the evening sky.

When the boat ride came to an end, I had no heart to get off the boat, but it was getting pretty dark so I had no choice but to say good-bye to the boat ride. Next on my way out of the park, I visited the Bird cage.Yes, these poor birds were kept in a cage right in the middle of this wide-spread nature. 

They were making quite a racket. As I got closer to the cage, they raised their chirping voices as if questioning me what right I had to be standing outside the cage while I watched them being cooped up in this box. I felt sad looking at them. God has created these beautiful creatures and gifted them wings so that they can enjoy their rightful freedom. They belong to the sky. They are meant to fly. But people want entertainment in all forms. Even caged birds are a form of entertainment. I felt sorry for these beautiful creatures. I whispered an apology and headed back home.

As I drove back home, I realized that my troubles were nothing compared to these birds. Because I have lots of options and choices in my life. I have the freedom to be anywhere I want to be. I'm the only reason I feel caged inside. Because I fear to accept the change and adapt to it. Today, I learned not to let anything bring me down. An exam was just a question on a piece of paper and answering it well will be my choice. 

I felt peace at heart.

Thank you IndiBlogger and Kissan for giving me the opportunity to share my experience... 

December 03, 2011

Haiku on Space

Space between the light,
Could be my shadowy past.
Waves push me forth.

December 02, 2011

Once upon a Dentist visit.

     Me, my teeth, and the braces!!


                                                           A space in my gums,
                                                           I reserve only to you.
                                                          Oh, fill this empty space!!

I was singing on this tune before my milk teeth began to fall one by one. The events that followed this simple natural course of nature made me wish I had no teeth in the first place.
(The sequel of the above haiku will appear in a few lines below. And so this was how it all started. Read below...)

The one place where fear overwhelms to create ridiculously weird and scary thoughts inside my head goes to none other than the “dentist shop”. As a kid, I hated going to the dentist due to the following experiences:

Age 7: Usually milk teeth fall off at this age giving space for permanent teeth to grow. But in my case, two permanent front teeth were growing  right behind the milk tooth and as a result, dad took me to the dentist shop to get the two front milk teeth plucked off!! “Ouchy” experience I must say (including the injection that they give to numb off my gums, but who’s going to numb the damn pricky injection!!).But I got my reward in the form of a big tub of ice-cream, which made me forget about  the pain the next instant!!

Age 9: Turns out my permanent teeth were a wee bit wider n larger in size than all my little milk teeth put together. Extra space was needed to get them aligned all straight and normal. To prevent letting me out grow my childhood with a crooky tooth set and later torture me with braces, my mom took me to the dentist lady again and by her prediction, I was growing four extra teeth that would create a problem if not removed before hand. So there I was, strapped to the dentist chair, screaming my head off as if I was about to be fed to some dark monster. There was no way I would let them prick my gums with injections again!  As a result, I was introduced to a local Anaesthetic Injection, right to my wrist and I was put to sleep. I woke up hours later, with cotton balls stuffed into my mouth and the unfortunate “plucked” tooth were laid to rest in a plastic box. I remember burying them in our garden later. Talk about cremating one’s body part at such a young age!!

Age10: I entered the dentist office, shivering from head to toe for more pricks and plucks from the nice dentist lady. Fortunately, this was just a general check up and she advised my mom to bring me back at age 12 because she suspected my lower jaw to be smaller in size to hold two other teeth that were growing their way out. So no plucking today! Two more years of bliss, I thought.

And so this is where I recite the Haiku sequel:

There’s no space left.
Stop growing, it’s not funny.
Sigh, Dentist here I come!

Age 11: For all you candy-obsessed, sweet toothers out there, your mom is always right when she shouts at you saying things like, “ no more candy for u”. Because, the end result of over indulgence of sweets (in my case, Boomer bubble gums!!) will always ends you up on a dentist chair. So here I was, yet again in the dentist shop, getting one of my bacteria affected molar teeth cleaned out and cemented by the dentist lady. Not only I had to suffer the pangs of pain during the procedure, but also had to listen to an earful of advices and scolding’s from both my mom and the dentist.

Age 14: Due to some trips and vacations, my mom forgot all about my appointment with the dentist when I had aged 12. To say the truth, I actually did remember about the scary appointment but I didn’t bother to remind my mom as I was happy to stay away from the dentist chair. But now being back at the dentist shop, the dentist took the dental mirrors out of my mouth with displeasure plastered across her face and told my mom that had I come two years back (as I was supposed to!), she would have removed two more teeth and that would have aligned both my upper and lower jaw with straight teeth. Now all that was left to achieve was for me to wear braces for about a year and a half!!

This was the moment I felt like screaming at the top of my voice like some drama queen and running out of the dentist office for good measure.  All those years of painful misery I had to endure was to prevent this exact thing from happening, to prevent my poor mouth to be occupied by sharp, steely braces. Sigh!! Skipping one lousy year, and this was my punishment.

I resigned to let the dentist lady work her magic as she happily told me, “Say Aaa, Neha!!”, and I was once again reintroduced to the various dental instruments. Lesson learned: “prevention is better than cure”.

Presently, it’s been over seven years since my last visit to the dentist shop. And I’m still very happy to stay away from that place. Thankfully, my teeth are aligned straight as ever, and so I’m happy to smile freely without any awkward self-consciousness. And that’s the thing I'm really grateful for, given all the trouble I had to undergo during my childhood and early teenage life.

P.S: About a month ago, I did go to the dentist shop for a general check-up. As I sat on the dentist chair and stared at the light focusing on my mouth, I was reminded of all these "fond" memories and so thought of sharing it.

Image courtesy: babysittersbungaloo

December 01, 2011


Light from a burning candle.
A struggle to spread its warmth around.
As darkness threatens to overwhelm.

Light from a burning candle.
That's all a seeker seeks for-
A path to travel through the darkness.

Light from a burning candle.
A symbol of enlightenment and hope.
The little warrior of light. 

P.S: Thanks to my friend Suhas for the wonderful photo. "A picture speaks a thousand words". Hoping to have done some justice to the beautiful pic!!

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