December 07, 2013

My Rainbow

I keep coming back
for a glimpse of lost promise;
Of colourful joy

Eyes keep searching
for that glimmering jewel
Beneath murky clouds

Head raised, eyes gleam;
it’s right there… surreal, serene;
Rainbow of my dreams

P.S: It's a great pleasure to indulge myself with another Haiku after many months. Haiku writing always transports me back to a time, much cherished by my heart.

P.P.S: What's a Haiku? Only the coolest form of poetry ever!! It's a 3 line verse, which contains 17 syllables, placed in 5-7-5 format. 

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December 02, 2013

The last drop

Things happen too fast sometimes. They don’t leave any time to comprehend your actions, the way you intend them to occur, in your subconscious state-of-mind. And in just a blink of an eye, that moment you were hoping for, that tiny spark which has the potential to spread unspeakable amount of warmth within you, something more than what can be witnessed in your deepest dreams, would not only arrive, but also leave you, faster than the speed light. It all happens so fast, you wouldn't even realize the gravity of the situation until much, much later.

One rainy evening brought with it cold droplets, smudging my spectacles and ego. Even before I could grasp the aura of the friendly situation I found myself in that cozy cafe, there I was, sipping my last drop of green tea and heading out of the shop with a bitter taste in my mouth. And with nothing else to say but goodbye, I threw in a light smile at him which didn't really manage to connect all the way to my confused pair of eyes, and my naive self just assumed that the day had ended pretty well. Until much later, when I was back in my roomy territory did I realize that I had actually said goodbye to an entire plausibility of a romantic future.

I can still feel the idea of it all floating far away from me, in the streaming puddles far across the cold, wet street. It’s too far from my reach now, and I feel too safe in my room to go out and pursue it again.

July 31, 2013

The Pride of Mysore Zoo.

With the 2013 Dasara Mahotsava just around the corner, Mysore City is very proud to celebrate news on the arrival of 4 baby tiger cubs. To commemorate the World Tiger Day, the four little cubs –two males and two females –were for the first time allowed out for public viewing. The two month old cubs could be seen mischievously exploring their captive surroundings with a curious expression on their innocent face.

Many people had come to the zoo on the World Tiger Day, just to get a glimpse of these cute babies. Mr. B.P.Ravi, the executive director of Mysore Zoological Garden was also present among the bystanders. When enquired about the well being of the cubs and their mother Manya, an eight year old majestic White Tigress, Mr. Ravi was pleased to say that all of them are at the prime of their health and the cubs are adapting very well to the zoo environment. He even stated that when Manya and her cubs are inside their den, the footage of the cubs and their mother caught on CCTV camera present inside the den will be displayed outside on a television for public viewing during Dasara time. This will also be uploaded on their Website.

I was very happy to hear such positive news from Mr. Ravi, who is doing a very fine job as the director by uplifting the quality and maintenance of the zoo and its captive members. His promotion on the scientific implementation of gene manipulation and captive breeding in order to produce stronger and healthier cubs has become a success.

When compared to the zoo that I visited during my childhood days to the zoo which I visited today, there has been a marginal change in its surroundings. There is a neat order and discipline with which the zoo staffs carry out the day to day activities inside the zoo. The staffs are more prominent towards preventing people from teasing the animals and the ban on plastic use sure has made our Mysore zoo ever green!

July 22, 2013

Musings: Of breaking loose and Family Values

Sometimes a girl’s gotta to be at a right place, at a right time and in the company of right people to witness the entire route of her current life. This is one of those “space in time” kind of moment that more or less forced me to think and realize my deviation from plausible boundaries and etiquettes that binds the sacred nest of warmth and attachment; whose impact can only be described with that one word: Family.

Being a ruthlessly pessimistic hypocrite (many a times than usual!), I tend to believe otherwise. Because to understand one’s innermost self from an outside perspective; way outside the protective bubble wrap of one’s family, one needs to explore and tread on thin ice just to get that unnecessarily high dose of adrenaline up one’s fused-out mind!

Deviations are a common phenomenon. All routes are right as long as the destination has a touch of relatable reality. How you go by it also matters; sometimes learnt easily and sometimes the hard-way. Yet whichever path you choose they all offer something invaluable return: Inner strength.

It does help to cherish the fact that no matter what, family values never fade on you. Not even for those hare-brained souls, right out on a mission to escape who-knows-whom and to explore who-knows-what! Today I came to terms with an important thing: those random doses of adrenaline rush are so short-lived, it’ll be like an unrealistic dream in the end. But when you finally wake up to your troubled self it’s always family that comes first.

And the rest are just vanishing embers of a dying fire. 

P.S: This is an abstract post for every troubled soul having issues with quitting something that's worth quitting.

July 13, 2013

On a fine, cloudy day.

The break of dawn brought no sign of sunshine today. Instead I'm greeted with grey clouds looming ever so close to the tall valley of IT towers. And here dwells the country’s most successful employees, all closed up in their cabins. They have no worries about the gray, murky surroundings... a promising reverie of a long rainy day just outside their air-conditioned glass walls. Inside these glass walls, any sign of Mother Nature has been discreetly silenced. The crisp sound of keyboard tapping, the electronic beep of telephones and the unhealthy smell of caffeine emanating from the posh coffee machines are greeted further by the dominating voice that an employer is so accustomed to use on his employees.

And here I stand, outside these very same glass walls, my mind a conflicting mess. A part of me wants to enter, through the glass door and resume my hunt for success. The day has failed to shed any ounce of sunshine over my head. Sunshine helps reflect my innermost thoughts. But that’s just verbally adequate. Opportunities wait for none. Not even for sunshine.

Choices await my decision. I take a deep breath and take a step back. The glass walls stare at my back as I turn to walk away and the tall IT building to which the glass wall belongs to looks down upon me. It’s silent, looming stature made me realize that I’m yet another tiny dust going past these glass walls.

Time waits for none. And I don’t wish to wait for time either. My decision mattered today. And today I chose to cherish the cool, wet wind blowing over my hair, whispering in my ears to take shelter. As I take my umbrella out, rain is already on its way, determined to dampen my spirit. And for some strange reason... I just smile.
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