January 28, 2012

A letter of regret

Dear John,

I know I promised to call you when we parted.
I know I failed to keep my word.
I never called you, not even once I felt the need to visit you.
When I left you, I left a part of my childhood behind.
Wasn’t this the place where we used to meet?
Wasn’t this the very tree we ran around?
Our childish eyes brimming with innocent excitement.
Wasn’t this the place where we buried our broken toys?
Right below the big old tree’s belly, as you used to say.
But time ran as we grew old.
I felt the need to explore my life outside this childish horizon.
That is why I left you, with a fake promise that I’d call you.
I confess. I was young, stupid and dreamed big.
I wanted to marry a rich city man.
Not a farmer’s son who had made up his mind
To remain back and look after the family business.
I know I hurt you when we last met here...
You wanted me to stay with you like always;
But I wanted out. I wanted adventure.
Never did I realize this was where
All my future adventures lay.
When I finally realized my loneliness,
Had nothing to do with the dozen heartbreaks I endured;
But it was due to a single heartbreak that I inflicted,
Upon a man with whom I grew up with;
That is when I decided to revisit this place.
I imagined seeing you standing below the old tree,
Waiting for me as always.
But I was too late wasn’t I?
Had I not left, you would still be here... with me.
Had I called you as I promised,
You would have made me change my mind,
And we could still be together right now.
But while I ignored your call,
You decided to visit me anyway.
Had you not boarded that flight at 12.01,
I wouldn’t be sitting all alone,
Under this big old tree.
I wouldn’t be writing all these in your memory.
Memory... that is all is left of you.
Like a broken toy, I’m going to bury my broken heart
Right below the big old tree’s belly.
Not a day will go by where I don’t regret of ever deserting you.
Your memory... is all that’s left for me here...

May your soul rest in peace.

Prompt : Short story slam week 19, The Poetry Palace

 P.S: First off, a figment of my imagination(as always :P). There was this beautiful painting/picture at the short story prompt and immediately I wanted to be a part of it. The more I observed this beautiful picture, the more I felt sad. Whoever the artist is, they have managed to capture that deep sense of sad/despair kind of emotion totally well. I know I'm far from doing a good justice to this pic through my fictional letter, but I always wanted to write a sadistic love letter and now I got the chance!! :P

January 26, 2012

Road to life

Our paths parallel.
Will they ever cross over?
Road to hope never ends.

Always a wonder
To reach our destination.
What road did we choose?

Travelling through
The same road,
Day in and day out.
Surrounded by
Endless unknown faces;
Hard to register them all.
 Faces change everyday;
Though the path we travel,
Remains the same...

A road seems so endless.
Yet, a bridge between
The two hearts.
Destination occurs
At every fork and turn.
But to get off the road
At the right stop;
Depends on our hearts
And the paths they choose...

P.S:  A metaphorical comparison of our lives to that of a road and the journey that involves travelling on it. A road not just connects two cities or towns, but also directs millions of people who use it to reach their destinations. A destination here is not just a place to reach, but it speaks about the individuals and the unique stories that lie behind each person and the very reason for travelling through this road in the first place. Come to think of it, without a purpose and a reason to travel, I guess the road would remain unused and renders without a purpose for its existence.
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