July 23, 2011


The little droplets joined their hands,                                         
To form a small current;
Which in turn twined into one,
And grew into a strong torrent.

We now see the mighty river,
Swaying across the forest floor;
Twisting and turning royally,
As it ventures out of the green door.

Never wondering in the slightest,
That it’s about meet its journey’s end;
The mighty river eyes the wide ocean,
Far across the rocky bend.

The ocean beckons the mighty river,
With its wide open arms;
Mesmerizing the king of currents,
To enter into its deep, salty balm.

Hypnotized by the ocean’s charm,
The mighty river gushes into the sandy galore;
But before it can look back at its journey’s stretch,
The wide waves consume it with deep fervor.

Pulled, deep into the ocean’s heart;
The mighty river disintegrates to what it once was;
The little droplets are now a part the wide ocean,
Making its waves stronger than it ever was.

note:  My attempt at nature poetry.. Most of the time, my mind dwells on issues like life,future,past etc.. Finally succeeded in diverting my mind to write something new!! :) 

Shared withThursday Poets Rally Week 57 (December 1-7, 2011)

I'm very happy to receive The Perfect Poets Award for Week 57. Very humbled that my work has been given recognition among all the other wonderful poets around here. Thank you Poet's Rally for giving me an opportunity to share my work.                                                    
A dream unlike ever
Has indeed come for real
My heart soars with joy

I nominate Ms.Peaches for this round of award.

July 18, 2011

Get Inspired.

Every now and then our minds need to be refreshed. There is no refresh button that one could click that result in the proper completion of this task! In reality, the word refresh can be linked with “inspiration”. Yes, every now and then a person needs a boost of this inspiration in order to view life in a more colourful n bubbly manner. Define inspiration: it comes in various forms, sometimes invisible, sometimes solidly visible, it can be felt within our hearts or it can touch us physically. It all depends on individual perspective and the numerous situations that one lives through.

Get a little boy his favourite bike and he’ll be inspired to ride the bike regularly and to even develop a professional interest in it.  Lend a support to a depressed girl in the form of a little talk and that could just be the inspiration she needs to view her life in a more positive manner. Help a dying man to complete his last wish by taking him to that place where all his memories were once built and that place, and the memories that it holds could just be the inspiration for the man to fight death and welcome life again. When in confusion, help yourself by doing something different apart from your regular routines and who knows, that just might hold the right amount of inspiration that could help you figure out an important decision in life.

A guy loves a girl, but is too afraid and doubtful of his self to express his feelings for her. He watches a romantic movie and gets inspired to propose to her the proper way. A girl sees her favourite singer at a mall and wants to get his autograph, but is too afraid to approach. She sees a banner by a coffee shop: “keep your head high, no matter what” and that just gives her the inspiration to banish her fears and to approach the man for his autograph. These are just some figurative examples that circle around the fact that how small things in life that we see around us; hold the maximum amount of inspiration that pushes us in the right direction to achieve those goals (little or big!) that we set for ourselves.

So, what are you waiting for?? Get out there... See things, feel your surroundings and get inspired... :)

July 14, 2011

Getting past “My Past”

How long would I last?
Facing this cold, cold past?

I know, I’m left with nothing.
Yet, I go back to my past class;
Searching for that something,
Vaguely resembling the broken shards of glass.

Reality, tells me yet again,
That I’ll never be able to find it.
And even if I do so,
The pieces will never ever fit.

Because the past is nothing,
But a puzzling piece of time.
It fails to hold that solid anything;
Except for a myriad of Pain.

So I tell myself over and over,
To quit my mission.
Because, the past has succeeded
In fogging my present,
With its shadowy memories.

Still, I crave for more;
There’s never an end to this therefore.
How long would this really last?
I can only tell, by walking from my past.

P.S: Something everyone should remember when our minds tend to hold back and linger on the web of past memoirs... Some things can never be erased. Mistakes happen. What matters is what we learn from them. Letting go is the hardest but it's a must to survive. Our life is like a book. Some chapters belong to the past, some to the present and rest of the unturned pages belong to the future. To know what lies ahead, all we have to do is turn the next page.  Don't turn back for uncertainties are sure to cloud your vision. Just find the will to venture forth for the better or for worse.

July 02, 2011


I started my day with pessimistic forage. I was lost in my own web of thoughts. Web of thoughts is an understatement. I was lost in a lousy maze of “what if’s”. At one hand I was content with the fact that I no longer needed to open another technical book today since today was the start of my semester holidays. But on the other hand, the very same books reminded me of several what ifs: what if I had chosen a different line of course? What if I had chosen a different college? What if I had stuck with my very first (and never fulfilled) passion of pursuing Biotechnology? What if I could have managed to get the output during my very first lab that would have saved me from wasting a year? What if I had utilized that one year for something useful instead of getting more lost within my crazy mind frame? What if... what if... What if...

The thoughts kept on streaming through my mind like some old movie being played repeatedly through a projector. I get really angry and frustrated when I pose questions to which I’m incapable of answering. I needed to immediately vent off my frustrations. I needed to write this out (my only escape and my way of ventilating myself from tantalizing thoughts!). But I had no words today. My hand started to shake when I held the pen. Not even one word could I ink on that blank sheet of paper. Terrible rage consumed my body. Three actions followed: threw the pen, tore off the blank sheet to tiny pieces n punched the wall with way too much force. Ouch! Pain brought me back to reality. “When in rage, I’m not a super woman who can relent to physical pain”.

A few moments later, I felt the temper ebb away, only to be replaced by something appalling. That miserable feeling of defeat. That helpless feeling of not knowing what to do with my life and not being able to figure out where my very future lies ahead. Happy thoughts come and go. But thoughts like these, they tend to linger like some heavy, invisible devil on your shoulder. I hate it when my day starts with these thoughts. They tire me mentally. I was stuck in that somber state. But my day was saved by a simple text message sent to me by one of my close friends. That message just reminded me and pointed me to the only possible direction I can look into in a situation like this: “Stop thinking too much and just enjoy your present. Stop giving a damn about these lousy what ifs coz they are in the past and they cannot be called to the present just by thinking about them (one would need a time machine for that!). Just stop wondering the impossible and just start doing the impossible”. 

Yes. My thought process had changed its track to a positive destination today. I started to become cheerful again. All hope was not lost today. Tomorrow is yet again an unknown destination that is fueled to be reached by my mind based upon the varying levels of optimism/pessimism temperament that my heart offers.
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