June 11, 2011

Bonfire Night.

A small get away from all my daily headaches to a family retreat in the forest areas of Tamil Nadu. A two hour night safari. Didn’t catch much of an action on the wild-life though. But did see a group of bison, a herd of elephants and also a rare animal called the mouse-deer. Back to the resort. Bonfire time!! The day is pretty hot. And bonfire along with two pegs of whiskey (3 in my case, since I poured the pegs rather hastily to prevent my dad from seizing my drink coz of my “inexperience”!). A pretty-hot bonfire all in all. 

Enjoying my time here. But still, I’m missing out on the reunion of my schoolmates that’s taking place as I type. I’m not made of any special material that could place me in two places at once. I’m surprised (and it’s about time I accepted that I’m getting really good at this. I could enter challenges at this rate!) that I’m not yet high, given the fact that I drank the pegs mixed with coke at an accelerated speed! 

I called a couple of my friends at the reunion party to get an update there. They seemed pretty busy taking group pictures. Felt bad (and rather left out!)  that I couldn’t be a part of probably the last reunion of our class. Still, as I sit here, typing all these, I’m cherishing all my past memories tagged with every one of my schoolmates.

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