June 10, 2011



As the day begins to bloom,
I wake up with a feeling of gloom;
I ask myself, yet again
For that particular reason,
As to why a girl like me
Is living her life so carelessly.

I have with me, within my reach, Everything.
Then why am I in constant fear, that I have Nothing?
Could there be a better question;
For which I’m capable to answer?
That is why I ask this:
Why a girl like me
Is living her life so pointlessly.

I rise, I eat, I live, and I sleep;
But I do know there is something
Inside me that is much more deep;
But still, I ponder as if I know nothing,
And could there be an answer for this stupidity?
I guess not;
That is why I say this:
Why a girl like me
Is living her life so emptily.

But amidst all this dark,
I still have hopes to find a ray of light;
And could this particular attitude,
Can make all the difference there is?
And that is why I conclude this by saying:
It is okay for a girl like me
To find my way towards my destiny!

Theme Thursday: Inside , Goose Berry garden: Poetry Picnic Week 16: My Life in Free verse, Poetry pantry

My Note:  This is my very first poem. It pretty much refers to me. It did inspire me to change and shape my life in a positive way. Not that I've completely found my destiny(I'm still clueless on that part!), but my first poem did help me to face some dark days!!


  1. its really nice :) something all girls need to introspect about :) :)

  2. Perspective it everything in this situation, I think! Forget the gloom and concentrate on the possibilities of merely 'being' at all, I'd say, for that is a wonder in itself. I enjoyed a little 'wondering' with you here.♥

  3. @ jinksy,thank you for reading my poem. :) Ya being positive all the time is a challenge but that's what life is all about- not getting caught up in miseries.

  4. You could've been writing about me. :) Words that are applicable to many. Thanks for writing them down.....

  5. @rebecca, thank you for your words :)

  6. Hi Neha,

    I think you captured the feelings that most young girls feel when they are just setting out to learn about themselves and life out there in the world. Sounds like you have a lot of common sense about your feelings and life. The rest comes with growth and age, but never be afraid to ask us women who have been on the planet for many more years about anything that we may be able to give you our insight into what you would like to know. Our views will be different but similar and hopefully will help you. After all our knowledge inside, is like a book waiting to be written.

    I hope you had fun playing with us in this weeks Theme Thursday and that we will see much more of you each week. And I hope I challenge you with the new theme.

    God bless.

  7. Mrsupole, Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me this uplifting comment. "our knowledge inside, is like a book waiting to be written" .. that is so true and I respect your views for future references:)
    Ya, I'm looking forward to the next Theme Thursday:).

  8. there is always light beyond the darkness

  9. what a beautiful girl like you.

  10. I enjoyed reading through "your eyes" -- a timely message for so many ... well done. Thank you for sharing!

  11. @zongrik, ya that's what i learnt.

    @The Orange Tree, Thank you so much for your comment, Very sweet of you :)

    @The Cello Strings, @Morning, Thank you for your feedbacks:)

    @beccagivens, Many thanks :)

  12. A very good first poem. Never give up the search. And always remember it is in front of you, not behind you. Keep moving forward.

  13. the difference isn't the ray of light...the difference is that you know enough to look for it. Good poem

  14. @Marbles, thank you for the advice n compliment :)

    @Charlie Parant, Thank you for visiting my blog:)

  15. To me this piece shows depth and sincerity of thought. At some point in each of our lives i believe we needed to go through these kind of thinking/pondering so that it can compel us to seek Truth and Destiny. We all have common issues such as Truth, Love,and so on, that stir our hearts. I would be glad if you stop by to visit on voiceoftruelove.Wordpress.com

  16. @voiceoftruelove, thank you for your words and ya I've stopped by ur lovely blog :)

  17. A different poem. Well written.

  18. Nice post :) Pretty much what we all feel when we are in the stage of shaping up our lives...All the best for your future :)

    Keep Blogging!

  19. very beautiful poem....good work
    keep blogging :)


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