August 24, 2011

Sláinte, Beer Buddy!!

Sláinte, Beer Buddy!!

Oh! My mind would be so crystal clear;
If only I could have a mug of beer!

After a long day of clogging my brain,
I reach home, all broken with strain.

I get a text, my friends calling me over.
So I join their company, like a galloping rover!

The bartender’s hand reaches for the lever;
And pulls down glasses full of frothy beer!

Add to it, a bag full of spicy snackers;
We get started with a game of card-packers.

Amidst the circle of wild friends,
Who know no limits;
We drink together to the twilight,
And out comes all our worldly gimmicks.

The hidden truths and hidden lies,
Are thrown around like verbal flies.

Alas, all my secrets are out.
Now that I’m sober, I’m left with this doubt;
Of the things said and unsaid..

Oh, dear beer! You make me so high.
Once you are in, there’s no going down.
But you make me wake up the next day;
With a bad hangover frown!!

P.S: Popularly known as "man's best friend", who could forget the famous drink of all time- BEER. Hails mostly from the Irish colony, known for its "ruddiness", its a man's drink all in all!! I can't say much about beer, except it kind of sounds like bear :P .. So Slainte to all friends whose night brightens with a mug of this frothy beverage!!


  1. ;) dedicated to some of my friends who worship the bitter thing!! :P

  2. totally love this.. feel like taking a print out(with your name of course) and putting it up near the bar.

  3. @Deepak, thank you :D

    @Kajal,thank you and haha, if you have any plans to take a print out and put up near a bar, be my guest :)

  4. there is a movie called beer fest if i remember. did enjoy that movie, just like how i enjoyed reading ur post :)

  5. @debajyoti, thank you :) :) .. and lol.. I saw the trailer of the movie you mentioned, silly humor with an accent... have made a note to watch it :P


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