September 17, 2011

That Song...

That Song...

As the midnight clock ticks in,
I feel the tears rolling down my chin;
Listening to the song that once made my life,
A living fantasy;
I now realize, I'm back where I started.
It’s like the time capsule has frozen my feelings,
And all these days, I had just moved on
 With the physical time.
As I listen to the song yet again,
I feel my heart getting transported;
Back to the time, where I felt
 Alive in all aspects.
But now, my heart is just an empty hole
And I’m unable to fill it up,
With any new hope.

My world around me is in total chaos,
Yet here I am, walking down
The memory lane...
And everything just slows down.
I can re-see all those moments,
That we shared together,
With precise clarity.
But when the song plays its last verse
And finally comes to an end;
I’m pulled back to the current time.
And all I’m left now is a track,
Of dried up tears and a time,
That can never be returned.

Note: Everybody has a song that is attached to a certain piece of memory that holds a special place in their heart. When we listen to that song, automatically that memory starts playing and replaying through our minds. Sometimes it brings happiness and sometimes such memories just hurt.

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  1. Love this song ,and totally agree with you . Some songs are really attached to us.Cute blog

    Follow each other .

  2. thank you for visiting my blog Izdiher:)

  3. Beautiful. And yes, some songs can never be separated from the particular memory they carry.

  4. Enigmatic Soul, yes that's very true. Its really a bummer when one makes a mistake of linking their most favorite song to a memory one is trying hard to forget!!

  5. Yes, songs can do that to ya.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. An awesome poem and nice one for the theme.

  7. @Sue J-B thanks and welcome to my blog.

    @Roger Green, thanks for stopping by.

    @suzy, thanks a lot.

  8. sounds wonderful :)
    some things will appear familiar to us.
    we cant miss them

  9. yes we all have songs attached to some memory. beautifully written.

  10. Neha - such a delightful read !! I am reminded of a certain song that brings both happiness and tears to my eyes !!


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