November 30, 2011


Today was yet another day- a boring, non-productive, sitting on the couch-listening to music-surfing the internet-watching random videos just to keep my mind occupied kind of a day.

Apart from the occasional bathroom breaks, I pretty much resigned to keep my rear end attached to the couch and my bespectacled-eye glued to either the TV or the laptop or the smart phone. Outside this geeky comfort zone that I had become accustomed to for the last few weeks, I knew that my life with all its regular responsibilities was waiting for me. But I decided to take a back seat again. What’s one more day of idle relaxation going to cost me? Nothing more to lose anyway, I thought.

I knew I had to pay the phone bill. I postponed it for later. I had a bucket full of clothes that needed to be folded and organized into the closet. I can do that later too, I decided. And that test the day-after? Well, there’s still one more day, I thought.

Somehow felt very comforting to know I could still postpone the things that I’ve been postponing from the last two weeks. As I contently settled on the couch to continue my lazy-a-thon, a saner side of my mind nudged me with a tiny warning: be prepared to face the consequences. But the very next second, I forgot all about it as my heart rejoiced with the fact and which is the solemn reason for my lazy trepidation:

There’s always tomorrow.

Submitted to: Theme Thursday whose topic of the week was of course "tomorrow".


  1. Hi Neha,

    I think you pretty much described how I feel most days, I just think that I can do it tomorrow and this is why I have such a problem with procrastination. It just seems like every year I get better at it. I need to work on changing my habits.

    Great story about Tomorrow. Thanks for playing with us in Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

  2. @Mrsupole, thank you for the read, ya postponing things for tomorrow is an unknown pleasure for me, I never get anything done on time!! Even I hope to change this habit soon.. Sigh, till then, there's always tomorrow! :P

  3. And this tomorrow never dies... everybody needs an inspiration or atleast a muse!

  4. absolutely, there is always tomorrow. we procrastinate for a reason i.e. to enjoy the moment :D

  5. @VST, agreed!!
    @debajyoti, yep you are right... enjoyment should always be a first priority!! :D

  6. POEM for you Neha: Today’s tomorrow

    Wake up in the morning- It’s another beautiful day.
    Next is tomorrow- Let the past go away.

    Be the one to start- Be the reason for the change.
    Don’t stand and wonder, why this today is so strange?

    Draw your plans – work it out
    Nothing works fine- It’s okay, do something different and don’t shout.

    Confused, - you are front or back with time,
    Don’t worry, adjust yourself - you’ve not done a crime.

    Done with today- Say thank you,
    Let tomorrow’s day- not be Phew!! (But something new).

    Do this daily – let it start from now.
    Don’t waste time in thinking why, when and how???

    You ‘re yourself maker and also the breaker,
    So be wise and you’ll be the best decision maker.

    -- Dominic Fernandes (Creative Writer and Poet).

    Neha, if you love it tell me and I'll keep posting my poems.

    PS: This Poem is *NOT* Copyrighted. Whatever I write is from our own experince and that's what I share with you all. No one has the right to copy an idea that is just floating somewhere in the air and has entered your mind. There are people who take the credit for someone's work, for those theyt're the weak minded and the lame. Happy reading. Enjoy.:)

  7. Hi Dominic,
    wow, that's some thought provoking poem. Totally contradicts my short post!! Loved it and thank you so much for sharing it with me. You are really good at this and you should keep continuing your work.

    Best wishes,

  8. time and tide waits for none.. i believe , the worst sin is to waste time..


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