January 26, 2012

Road to life

Our paths parallel.
Will they ever cross over?
Road to hope never ends.

Always a wonder
To reach our destination.
What road did we choose?

Travelling through
The same road,
Day in and day out.
Surrounded by
Endless unknown faces;
Hard to register them all.
 Faces change everyday;
Though the path we travel,
Remains the same...

A road seems so endless.
Yet, a bridge between
The two hearts.
Destination occurs
At every fork and turn.
But to get off the road
At the right stop;
Depends on our hearts
And the paths they choose...

P.S:  A metaphorical comparison of our lives to that of a road and the journey that involves travelling on it. A road not just connects two cities or towns, but also directs millions of people who use it to reach their destinations. A destination here is not just a place to reach, but it speaks about the individuals and the unique stories that lie behind each person and the very reason for travelling through this road in the first place. Come to think of it, without a purpose and a reason to travel, I guess the road would remain unused and renders without a purpose for its existence.


  1. We travel a road in our every day life...miss those around us because we don't look....I have found in life I have headed in a direction to find a detour that was a blessing...A very nice poem

  2. Thanks Susie and I'm glad you found your detour as a blessing.

  3. So much to learn from this Neha....beautiful!

    1. Thanks Carrie, helped me learn a thing or two too...

  4. Thank you for your words. Life's paths can be lon or short depending on the roads we travel....

    1. thanks wander and you r very right in saying so.

  5. Beautiful and perceptive piece of writing:)

  6. You are so right...we make the choice to travel a path and to not open our eyes to see the others joining us on the journey. But truly we see what we're supposed to see along the way...perfect in each step.

  7. i guess the key is to find a road that does not seem endless, so the task is easier


  8. Hello.
    Life is one big journey we must all travel. The journey starts with our birth, the roads twist & turn as we age & mature & finally our journey comes to an end with our death.
    Nicely penned.
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Jewels In You

  9. I like the comparison. Nicely penned :)

  10. Awesome work neha !
    it gives a feel :)

    1. Thanks for all your appreciation Deepak :) :)

  11. Wow! Nice poem. : )


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