February 26, 2012

Color For My Eyes!!

I must admit I’ve lately been deserting my blog space more often than ever. I thought being in the final semester of engineering course would render me with lots of free time which I could utilize for developing my writing skills. Clearly I was wrong. Dealing with projects and seminars everyday has left me drained out of any energy left to come here and write to my heart’s content.

Okay, regrets aside, I got a mail from blogadda the other day, welcoming me to participate in My sunglasses, My Style!” competition. And this is just what I needed right now.  Busy or not, here I am, encouraging myself to share my views in this awesome quest. So, who doesn’t like to wear colourful sunglasses and strut among friends and show-off?? I love sun glasses for some of the following reasons:
  1.  They fit you just fine whether you are thin, chubby or fat or short, medium or tall. Ergo, regardless of your size and height.
  2. They bring about a subtle class of authenticity and coolness to your over all personality.
  3. A little colour in front of your eyes does miracles by bringing you happiness as they let you view your surroundings with a series of lively colours.
  4. And to top it all, they keep your eyes healthy by protecting from harmful sun rays and dust particles.
From the past few days, I found myself surfing the gkbopticals website in search of two cool sunglasses which I’m required to write about here. Let me tell you, it wasn’t an easy task. Gkbopticals has got some of the coolest and unique collections of both sophisticated and economically wearable sunglasses and almost all the sunglasses can be bought online with some mouth-widening discount prices. So it’s totally worth it if you want to buy a cool sunglass from this website. A guaranteed value for your money!

So fighting with my inner conflicts regarding which two glasses I should write about here, after much speculation (given the chance I’d have written about 5 sunglasses which are currently spinning around my head prompting me to buy them all!!) here I am, presenting you with two of my top favourite sunglasses or “goggles” as I fondly like to call them:

Out of some of the top brands such as Ray-ban, Prada, D&G, Versace, Oakley, Vintage etc, I have chosen two sunglasses from the brands Prada and Sundrive respectively.

“Prada”... Any cosmopolitan girl’s dream brand. Even though I’m not into fashion to a point of drinking and eating fashion, still when I hear the words Prada, my head starts to spin as I visualize all the cool accessories, shoes and dresses that are being designed under this dream brand. And so, it would be my dream come true if can own a pair of sunglasses from this awesome- sounding brand.

PRADA SPR 03M 7S3-6S1 sounds just like the pair of sunglasses that I would like to someday be a proud owner of. Its white framed, square in shape and the colour of the lens is brown. The white frame with brown lens combination is what attracted me to it in the first place. The white frame gives it a cool, classy look and I can just wear it on any outfit, be it a pair of jeans and top or a cotton salwar suit. You don’t need to own a Prada dress and Louis Vuitton shoes to own this fabulous sunglass!

 But still there is the “price” factor!! Although if I were to buy this at the gkbopticals which is currently giving this away for a discount of 25%, it would still cost me about 10k, which is about the same price as my Samsung Galaxy Fit mobile phone. Since I’m still a student and as I hail from an upper middle class family, if I were to ask my mom to buy this for me, she would definitely tell me that I need a psychiatrist coz according to her, owning a fashionable sunglass that costs 10% of her monthly salary is just plain ridiculous. But there is no harm in dreaming right? :P

So keeping the cost and economy value in mind, I finally landed on the “Sundrive” glasses. Sundrive is a budget designer brand. You get cool, hip sunglasses at a really good price. And what’s more, since gkbopticals is sporting a discount, I found some sunglasses under this brand that costs just about 1000Rs. Cool right! :) 
So my next pair of sunglass is the SUNDRIVE 49139P C3. It’s a thick-framed, oval shaped, purple lens coloured sunglass. The purple has a subtle hint of black to it and it’s not too flashy. I just love the colour and also the overall design. I can wear this on a daily basis. Since I ride my awesome two-wheeler “Dio” to my college every day, this is just what I need to protect my eyes from the sun. The thick frame protects the side of my eyes preventing the unwilling dust to get into my eyes from the sides. This looks cool with any outfit. And accessories can be simple or gaudy, depending upon the person’s interest. I don’t wear too much accessories as long as I’ve got a watch on my wrist and my lucky purple ring on my finger.

So I conclude this by thanking Blogadda for coming up with this lively competition. And can’t wait for the results!! :)

This entry is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com brought to you by GKB Optical Sunglasses.


  1. this one looks awesome!!!! and for 1k? best deal on earth!!! even i love sunglasses. all the best for the contest :)

  2. Hey that's awesome!

  3. indeed, this is a exciting competition...and i totally can see your point on spending such a sum on shades...my hubby threw a fit when i made him buy me a pair of classic way farers which cost 7000 INE on my bday...he told me that adding some cash to this amount, he could have easily bought be a diamond earring!!

    I told him - baby , shauk badi cheez hai!!!


    1. haha you are absolutely right :) ... I'm glad you bought the way farers :)

  4. that one doesnt looks that great..i had a look and didn't found it amusing though...well written

    1. Thank you, but everyone has their own taste. I'm not much into ray ban glasses even though people tell its the best glasses ever!!

  5. Nicely written Neha. And you picked something different.

  6. Nicely written :) Well described. I bought a pair of sunglasses from the sun glasses specialist MyDeals247.com


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