May 10, 2012

Acrostic Short Story- Frozen Time


Forever igniting the fire within me,
Reverberating the waves of despair;
Only to find a deeply burnt hole,
Zoned right through my once naive heart.
Empathy empathized me to trust you,
Neglecting my heart’s health as it consumed your repeated lies.

Time felt frozen with you around.
Ingloriously drowned myself in blind faith. Alas,
My love for you froze with the frozen time,
Ever-lasting love ceased to exist the moment you chose to desert me       with a mangled and bruised heart.

Written For:  Acrostic Only, Poetry Jam


  1. and then they will say that time heals everything but the truth is the scars remains forever...

    nice one... made me sad :(

  2. Quite heartbreaking! Love can surely make us blind to destructive people. unfortunately a lesson so many of us know only too well. Very nicely written. Thanks for linking up with us over at Poetry Jam.

    1. Thank you for providing a beautiful prompt :)

  3. Acrostics are not easy ... you did well!!!

  4. Yes, writing acrostic is not easy. Excellent take on the prompt!:)

  5. yep i can see where you got hit in the blind spots on this one....nice acrostic....

  6. Love it, Neha. :) You did very well with the acrostic part too.
    Been there, done that, it really hurts with a hurt that never goes away.
    BTW, I was an Aerospace with NASA in the Houston area for the Apollo and Skylab missions. Study hard.
    Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place

    1. Thank you Jim for your kind words and it's an honor to receive your feedback.

  7. A nice piece and a good acrostic. Fits well the Poetry Jam.

  8. Bruised Hearts do come up with amazing lines....Loved it!

    Keep Blogging!

  9. Excellent acrostic. Sometimes blind faith doesn't work out. But we keep the faith anyway. Glad you joined Poetry Jam.

  10. Blind love can indeed be heart-breaking but then somehow the blind can learn to see again. I noticed the acrostic lines! Excellent and thanks for coming to Poetry Jam.

  11. Beautiful expression. I loved the first half of the poem...


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