May 05, 2012

More Flash-55 Fictions

1) Eyes Speaks All

Standing inside a bus, I saw him staring at me. His piercing gaze caught my attention. His eyes challenged me. Well, two can play this game! I stared right back at him and our eye-contact continued till the next stop. As I passed him, smiling and ruffling his hair, the little kid said "Bye Didi"!!

2) Splash of Color

“Red, Blue, Green, Orange... all those colours you sport yourself and yet you dare tease me??”

“Colourful, colourful, you are colourful!!” came the jeering.

“But it’s only a streak of pink”, she replied ruefully, checking out her new hair-do from the mirror.

“Behind her, the happy parrot continued to guffaw, “Colourful, colourful, you are colourful!!”

3) Mind Games

Tiny thoughts tickled my mind;
His tiny trots engulfed me to find.

Where did he go? Looked around;
Caught him disappearing behind the forbidden blind-fold.

I followed him, increasing my pace;
Was pulled back by man without a face.

His gurgling laugh made me scream.
“Mommy, wake-up! It’s just a dream!!”
Relief washed over me.

4) Flirt Fail

“Hey there, you need a ride?”

“No thanks, I’m married”, she flashed him her ring-finger.

“Come on baby, get in the car. I don’t mind”, he winked at her playfully.
She glared at him and continued to walk towards the house.

She turned back and yelled, “Honey, quit fooling around and bring in the groceries!”



  1. Splash Of Color : Nice.
    Eyes Speaks All & Flirt Fail : Twist in the tail.
    Mind Games : Poetic and nicely written.

  2. i love these 55 fictions!! there is always a twist in the story, right? it has to be really difficult to write a story in 55 words. beautifully written, all four :)

    1. Yeah, the twist is the most important part. It gives me a challenge to think differently. Sometimes I tend to think in a narrow minded fashion and writing fictions always helps me to broaden my mind :)
      Thank you for you comment Debajyoti :)

  3. I loved the last one. Absolutely cracked up reading it.

  4. The first one was interesting and really cute :D
    I liked the rest, ESPECIALLY the 4th one!
    You're really good at this, with the twists and everything!

    1. Thank you Blah :) and 4th one is my fav too!!

  5. The first and fourth certainly worked best. :)
    Not many talking parrots in this part of the world, so hard to identify with this subject! *smiles*

  6. Hi and thanks for being my newest follower!
    The story of the remote reminded me why so many homes now have several TV receivers!
    Loved these short short stories, very good concepts and expertly set up to surprise and delight!

    1. Thank you Mr.Ray for your feedback and love your blog :)


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