December 07, 2013

My Rainbow

I keep coming back
for a glimpse of lost promise;
Of colourful joy

Eyes keep searching
for that glimmering jewel
Beneath murky clouds

Head raised, eyes gleam;
it’s right there… surreal, serene;
Rainbow of my dreams

P.S: It's a great pleasure to indulge myself with another Haiku after many months. Haiku writing always transports me back to a time, much cherished by my heart.

P.P.S: What's a Haiku? Only the coolest form of poetry ever!! It's a 3 line verse, which contains 17 syllables, placed in 5-7-5 format. 

Pic: source


  1. Very well penned Neha :)rainbows are messengers of joy and hope. Nice to see you back, its been a while since I read your posts, Keep blogging...

  2. You did a beautiful job on this haiku... Your photo and words tie in well together. Like you, I added mine late to the collection.

  3. You made rainbows even more beautiful :)

  4. Lovely set! The first one is my favourite!:)

  5. "Arguably the coolest form" not "the coolest form". Different people, different perspectives! :P

  6. Well penned down :)
    Why inactive? :O
    Keep blogging!


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