December 02, 2013

The last drop

Things happen too fast sometimes. They don’t leave any time to comprehend your actions, the way you intend them to occur, in your subconscious state-of-mind. And in just a blink of an eye, that moment you were hoping for, that tiny spark which has the potential to spread unspeakable amount of warmth within you, something more than what can be witnessed in your deepest dreams, would not only arrive, but also leave you, faster than the speed light. It all happens so fast, you wouldn't even realize the gravity of the situation until much, much later.

One rainy evening brought with it cold droplets, smudging my spectacles and ego. Even before I could grasp the aura of the friendly situation I found myself in that cozy cafe, there I was, sipping my last drop of green tea and heading out of the shop with a bitter taste in my mouth. And with nothing else to say but goodbye, I threw in a light smile at him which didn't really manage to connect all the way to my confused pair of eyes, and my naive self just assumed that the day had ended pretty well. Until much later, when I was back in my roomy territory did I realize that I had actually said goodbye to an entire plausibility of a romantic future.

I can still feel the idea of it all floating far away from me, in the streaming puddles far across the cold, wet street. It’s too far from my reach now, and I feel too safe in my room to go out and pursue it again.


  1. Long time, no see! Have been busy lately?

    Beautifully written. :)

    Hope to see more poets from you.
    Take Care. :)

  2. Thank you so much Ajay. :)

    Yeah been quite busy. Hoping to bring back some frequency here again.



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