July 02, 2014

Behind This Smile

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I talked to him on the phone for the second time today and at the end of the conversation, I could not stop smiling. Now, that’s a first! There are no hidden agendas behind that smile. Could this mean what I think I might be feeling? Did I just smile because I’m feeling Happy?

Happiness in its purest form...a form that does not expect anything back?
I’m not sure what else I can relate this smile to. Tonight, I’m just Happy I talked with him. 

I wonder if he’s feeling the same thing... 

I don’t want to think negative at this point. There is nothing to think negatively at this stage. Unless I let that dark door open at the back of my mind and all kinds of crappy thoughts would come and mess up my smile.
I want to save this smile I have on my face. I’m going to be both blind and deaf to anything that has the slightest potential to get in the way and ruin my smile.

Because tonight... I just want to sink into this smile called Happiness.


  1. Awesome. :)
    I am sure, he is feeling the same and wondering whether you were on the same page as him or not, just like you are thinking.

    Save that smile. Take Care. :)


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