October 03, 2011

The Circle.

The Circle.

My answers to some of the most commonly sought out questions:
What is life?

Life is, when you know there is a mountain of troubles waiting for you in the near future, and yet you live everyday and strive each and every minute of it in order to reach that seemingly impossible destination: the other side of the mountain of troubles. The grass is always greener on the other side.

What is love?
Love is, when you know that you and him is never a possibility and yet, you go all the way by giving your heart, your soul, your everything just to see it work for a while, until it vanishes from the face of reality. Love is just blind that makes every one of your decision seem plausible.

What is faith?
Faith is, when you close your eyes and believe in yourself strongly that you are going to get through that exam just before the results are announced and you open your eyes to see you have fared better than expected. Faith is real and gets stronger with belief.

What is misery?
Misery is, when you accept that someone close to you will never be returning back to you and their lack of physical presence fills you with an undefined emptiness and their memories haunts you every time you close your eyes. And you just wipe your tears and put on a mask of happiness and blend in with the people around you. Misery can be controlled but can never be eradicated entirely.

What is defeat?
Defeat is, when you know that nothing is going your way and there is nothing in your power to rectify your mistakes and decisions and all you can do is run away from your own life. Defeat resembles our own shadow... one can never run from it. We can only hide from it and eventually have to face its intensified form.

What is happiness?
When all doors have been closed on you and yet you have the ability to grab on to that silver-lining through optimism and repercussion and just hope for the best. That’s happiness...Keep your life simple and happiness follows you wherever you go. Hope for happiness rather than wait for misery.

Why am I stating my version of definitions on just these six words: life, love, faith, misery, defeat and happiness? Because they make a circle and I’m, just like any other person is right in the middle of it. Every time either one of these entities happen, each of those other entities follow us, wherever we are and whatever the situation we are in. Without these entities I know for sure that my life will hold no meaning. 

I've tried ignoring love and I've found myself thinking that my life has no meaning.I've tried ignoring my miseries and I've found that I’m leading a very robotic and unfulfilled life. I've lost my trust on faith, only to find out how wrong I was to lose trust on one of the most realistic things in life. I've even hidden from my happiness, only to learn that my eyes have a language of its own.

Life is a cluster of all of these. It’s a gift given by god. A platform to test ourselves in terms of emotions and etiquettes and most importantly, to be able to able to accept who we are with satisfaction ultimatum. This can happen only if we have lived our lives completely through facing the above mentioned entities. Miss out on any one of them; you’ll never come to know the real meaning of- “living your life completely”.

So which part of this circle are you in right now??


  1. Nice work!!
    Currently in the love circle!! ;)

  2. @yash , thank you!! and that's fantastic :)

  3. neha now thats the best way to live life in the moment and if life would have no problems then the feeling of utter joy when we overcome those problems would neva be experianced so life is a very well sort out circle and when life goes full circle u betta get ur ass in rewind mode and solve it !

  4. lots of truth in here...i like your philosophy....and one some level we need each of these in part in our lives...and we ourselves move around them...and change is constant as we round the circle..


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