July 18, 2011

Get Inspired.

Every now and then our minds need to be refreshed. There is no refresh button that one could click that result in the proper completion of this task! In reality, the word refresh can be linked with “inspiration”. Yes, every now and then a person needs a boost of this inspiration in order to view life in a more colourful n bubbly manner. Define inspiration: it comes in various forms, sometimes invisible, sometimes solidly visible, it can be felt within our hearts or it can touch us physically. It all depends on individual perspective and the numerous situations that one lives through.

Get a little boy his favourite bike and he’ll be inspired to ride the bike regularly and to even develop a professional interest in it.  Lend a support to a depressed girl in the form of a little talk and that could just be the inspiration she needs to view her life in a more positive manner. Help a dying man to complete his last wish by taking him to that place where all his memories were once built and that place, and the memories that it holds could just be the inspiration for the man to fight death and welcome life again. When in confusion, help yourself by doing something different apart from your regular routines and who knows, that just might hold the right amount of inspiration that could help you figure out an important decision in life.

A guy loves a girl, but is too afraid and doubtful of his self to express his feelings for her. He watches a romantic movie and gets inspired to propose to her the proper way. A girl sees her favourite singer at a mall and wants to get his autograph, but is too afraid to approach. She sees a banner by a coffee shop: “keep your head high, no matter what” and that just gives her the inspiration to banish her fears and to approach the man for his autograph. These are just some figurative examples that circle around the fact that how small things in life that we see around us; hold the maximum amount of inspiration that pushes us in the right direction to achieve those goals (little or big!) that we set for ourselves.

So, what are you waiting for?? Get out there... See things, feel your surroundings and get inspired... :)

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