March 28, 2012

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the wall;
Who’s the fairest of them all?
Alas, you are no talking mirror,
To hear you speak as I come near.

Yet, I seek for you, for my reflection.
With hopes for reduced affliction.
Who is that woman staring back?
With eyes as dark as the colour black?

Does she really look like me?
Please say something and set me free
Mirror, Mirror on the wall;
For once spare me the bitter truth
And lie to me with your falsifying words.  

Carve the best lie for me to believe.
Tell me that the woman in the mirror,
Looks nothing like me.
Tell me I’m taller than her.
Tell me I’m fairer than her.
And my eyes, a sparkly emerald green.
Make me believe with your lie so clean.

Mirror, Mirror on the fine, fine wall;
Am I really that woman on the wall?

No you are not my dear lady;
I show only the physical reflection.
If only I could show you your inner-self,
As that’s where your real beauty lies within.

You are fairer than the woman on the wall.
Your eye, sparks with a knowledge so sheen,
It would put any man down on his knee.
But yet, you come to me asking for a lie;
I can lie a lie that will set you free.
But the truth is stronger than a lie can ever be.
So would you stop craving for more
 And start believing yourself from here-fore?

Written for The Mag 110

P.S: A mirror is something everyone loves to stand in front of. What we see is what we believe. Or sometimes we just want to believe something more. Something that resembles a lie. Something that gives us temporary satisfaction. Isn't that one of the reason all the cosmetics companies are bleaching our bank accounts with their costly products??Outer beauty is an addiction. Something that will vanish slyly with time. What matters is our inner beauty.  Cherish it with good-deeds. Good-deed... that's the only product you need to use to gain real beauty and you can get it for free!!


  1. If only mirrors could really speak...

  2. Splendid..!!

    I love this line- 'But the truth is stronger than a lie can ever be'.

    Loved it through out.

    I second your thought that good deed is the only thing that we need to gain real beauty.

    Superb :) :)


    love your poem and yeah, goodness is what matters =)

  4. amazing.. But the whole point of it makes the mirror needless in the real life. True work though..

  5. Beautiful :)
    Loved it gal!
    Mirror mirror on the fine fine wall,
    Am I really that woman on the wall !!
    SO thought provoking words!
    Keep writing!

  6. hey loved that poem. u could check my blog 2 and plz leave a comment..


    thanx. keep it up

  7. sometimes the mirror is the only one that understands


  8. Very nice and beautifully portrayed the reality of life... loved it

  9. A good story that needs to be told over and over to some of these girls that have problems with self image.

    1. I agree. I keep telling myself this too most of the times!!

  10. Brilliant poem, thank you so much for sharing with us all. So much truth in it

  11. So true... The real beauty lies inside you. Let it shine through! Love it!

  12. It's so true that true beauty lies within. If you feel beautiful inside, you will shine that beauty outside.

    Someday Somewhere - Hope


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