December 05, 2011

Evening Nature And Caged Freedom

I needed a break from the same old routine of my daily life. I had had enough of studying and fearing the outcome during the exam. Exam time is the worst time and it occurs twice a year. I was going crazy with all the books strewn across my table and my bed. I wanted to run away from this madness. I wanted to go to one of the natural places in Mysore. The first thought that came to my mind was a nice, long evening walk at Karanji Lake. So I drove all the way to the place to enjoy the scenic beauty and to forget about my worries for some time. I badly needed a time out and I hoped to attain some peace from mother nature.

As I entered the premises of the lake, I was greeted by the glassy lake adorned by the orange sky. And further more as I got my camera out to take a few snaps I got lucky as a flock of white cranes flew over the water. It was a Joyous moment!

I even went for a boat ride and enjoyed playing with the cool, clear water although the boat instructor told me not to keep my hand in the water for long as the lake was a home for crocodiles too!!

As I sat and explored the lake, I saw many birds on the bare tree branches. The trees were their home and what a lovely place to live in- a home surrounded by water and clear sky. Well, I tried not to think about what these poor birds would do on a rainy day but then again its in their nature to adapt to any weather unlike us humans.

The warm, golden light caught my eye;
Peeping through the leaves and branches, 
As its beauty spread across the evening sky.

When the boat ride came to an end, I had no heart to get off the boat, but it was getting pretty dark so I had no choice but to say good-bye to the boat ride. Next on my way out of the park, I visited the Bird cage.Yes, these poor birds were kept in a cage right in the middle of this wide-spread nature. 

They were making quite a racket. As I got closer to the cage, they raised their chirping voices as if questioning me what right I had to be standing outside the cage while I watched them being cooped up in this box. I felt sad looking at them. God has created these beautiful creatures and gifted them wings so that they can enjoy their rightful freedom. They belong to the sky. They are meant to fly. But people want entertainment in all forms. Even caged birds are a form of entertainment. I felt sorry for these beautiful creatures. I whispered an apology and headed back home.

As I drove back home, I realized that my troubles were nothing compared to these birds. Because I have lots of options and choices in my life. I have the freedom to be anywhere I want to be. I'm the only reason I feel caged inside. Because I fear to accept the change and adapt to it. Today, I learned not to let anything bring me down. An exam was just a question on a piece of paper and answering it well will be my choice. 

I felt peace at heart.

Thank you IndiBlogger and Kissan for giving me the opportunity to share my experience... 


  1. Good for you! I hope your exams are as successful as your trip to the lake.

    I'll bet your hand came in quickly when the guide mentioned crocodiles!

  2. Lovely pictures! and I wish you good luck with your exams. :-)

    Thanks very much for sharing with I Saw Sunday, it is really nice to have you join us there. x

  3. Caged, un-caged, little difference, we are bound by our own choices and reactions to the choices of others...

    I do however, wish you well in your exams, may they give you a chance to greater choice...

  4. Hello.
    I really enjoyed reading this.
    Nice photos & I love your realization/words of wisdom at the end.

    Best wishes with your exams.
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:
    Our Candlelight Of Love

  5. @vivinfrance, thank you for the wishes, and ya I did snatch my hand back as soon as he mentioned crocodiles. :D

    @Susannah, Thank you so much :), And I would love to post there again.

    @Inconsequential, Thank you for wishing me. I agree with you that there is little difference but that's enough to make the kind of choices one feels right with.

    @Andy, Thank you for the wishes and thank you so much for stopping by. Will check your reference soon.

  6. Beautiful photos! Caged freedom - love the title

  7. @turtlememoir, Thank you for the visit:)

  8. Those first shots are fabulous - I love to see birds soaring free and not caged.

  9. It is so nice to meet you Neha, and welcome to The Creative Exchange!

    Exams are such a stressful time, but now I am on the other end. giving them instead of taking them, and it is still a stressful time. I wish you the best of luck with them, and hope you have some time to relax when they are over!

    Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange this week.

    Have a wonderful day!


  10. @ladyfi, thank you and I'm with you on this one. I just don't like seeing birds in a cage.

    @lisa, Thank you so much and I will be able to relax next month :)

  11. my heart breaks at the view of birds caged.

    your photos are wonderful and calming!
    thanks so much for sharing:)

    love your photography!

  12. ABetty Manousus, thank you for vising my page:)

  13. I am a student too and I totally understand wanting to get out into nature for a break! Good luck with your schooling.

  14. @Jessica, thank you for the wishes.

  15. Looks like a great place to just take a moment. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Thank you Emily, yes it is a beautiful place and I'm so happy its near my home :)

  17. Even I am facing exam stress now and was also thinking the same things as you :P.Anyway nice pictures,I loved the first and second one the most :)

  18. @ Kannan, thank you for stopping by :) and haha, we all become philosophers during exam time don't we? :P
    Good luck with exams :)

  19. brilliant writeup !
    all the best for contest :)
    loved the narration

  20. Excellent post and beautiful pictures.

  21. Beautiful photos. . .
    Nice description. . .

  22. hey u r an amazing writer. all the best for the contest. an apology to those birds from me as well

  23. Hi Neha,...I really feel bad at the view of birds caged...we human beings can do any thing for our enjoyment...Its really very bad....very beautiful pictures and discription too....all the best for the contest.

  24. @Deepak, thank you so much :) .. but its not as good as yours, I loved your entry.. I'm backing you to win this contest :) :)

    @arun, thank you for stopping by :)

    @abhinav, thank you :)

    @debajyoti, thank you for your appreciation and wishes :)

    @Seema, I agree with you.. thank you for the wishes.

  25. this is a good post. I love the snaps.good luck for the contest

  26. very nice going. Wish you all sucess

  27. very nice reading. Wish you all the sucess.


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