July 22, 2013

Musings: Of breaking loose and Family Values

Sometimes a girl’s gotta to be at a right place, at a right time and in the company of right people to witness the entire route of her current life. This is one of those “space in time” kind of moment that more or less forced me to think and realize my deviation from plausible boundaries and etiquettes that binds the sacred nest of warmth and attachment; whose impact can only be described with that one word: Family.

Being a ruthlessly pessimistic hypocrite (many a times than usual!), I tend to believe otherwise. Because to understand one’s innermost self from an outside perspective; way outside the protective bubble wrap of one’s family, one needs to explore and tread on thin ice just to get that unnecessarily high dose of adrenaline up one’s fused-out mind!

Deviations are a common phenomenon. All routes are right as long as the destination has a touch of relatable reality. How you go by it also matters; sometimes learnt easily and sometimes the hard-way. Yet whichever path you choose they all offer something invaluable return: Inner strength.

It does help to cherish the fact that no matter what, family values never fade on you. Not even for those hare-brained souls, right out on a mission to escape who-knows-whom and to explore who-knows-what! Today I came to terms with an important thing: those random doses of adrenaline rush are so short-lived, it’ll be like an unrealistic dream in the end. But when you finally wake up to your troubled self it’s always family that comes first.

And the rest are just vanishing embers of a dying fire. 

P.S: This is an abstract post for every troubled soul having issues with quitting something that's worth quitting.


  1. Family is the only Bonding that always stands with us,come first and to whom we can look upon adversity...Nice Read.. :-)

  2. deep thought .. troubled when look back to the nest and there come they whom you can call your OWN ! nicely expressed Neha :)

  3. our families are our lifelines....


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