July 13, 2013

On a fine, cloudy day.

The break of dawn brought no sign of sunshine today. Instead I'm greeted with grey clouds looming ever so close to the tall valley of IT towers. And here dwells the country’s most successful employees, all closed up in their cabins. They have no worries about the gray, murky surroundings... a promising reverie of a long rainy day just outside their air-conditioned glass walls. Inside these glass walls, any sign of Mother Nature has been discreetly silenced. The crisp sound of keyboard tapping, the electronic beep of telephones and the unhealthy smell of caffeine emanating from the posh coffee machines are greeted further by the dominating voice that an employer is so accustomed to use on his employees.

And here I stand, outside these very same glass walls, my mind a conflicting mess. A part of me wants to enter, through the glass door and resume my hunt for success. The day has failed to shed any ounce of sunshine over my head. Sunshine helps reflect my innermost thoughts. But that’s just verbally adequate. Opportunities wait for none. Not even for sunshine.

Choices await my decision. I take a deep breath and take a step back. The glass walls stare at my back as I turn to walk away and the tall IT building to which the glass wall belongs to looks down upon me. It’s silent, looming stature made me realize that I’m yet another tiny dust going past these glass walls.

Time waits for none. And I don’t wish to wait for time either. My decision mattered today. And today I chose to cherish the cool, wet wind blowing over my hair, whispering in my ears to take shelter. As I take my umbrella out, rain is already on its way, determined to dampen my spirit. And for some strange reason... I just smile.


  1. I absolutely loved this post!! I don't even know where I'd lost your blog. Rediscovering it was a joy!

    1. Hi Shreya, thank you so much. I hadn't been using my blog for a few months now. Its always an endearing surprise for me to receive such warm appreciation, even with the time gap. Thank you :)

  2. a very good post Neha. loved the way you brought the feelings out. keep writing.


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