July 14, 2011

Getting past “My Past”

How long would I last?
Facing this cold, cold past?

I know, I’m left with nothing.
Yet, I go back to my past class;
Searching for that something,
Vaguely resembling the broken shards of glass.

Reality, tells me yet again,
That I’ll never be able to find it.
And even if I do so,
The pieces will never ever fit.

Because the past is nothing,
But a puzzling piece of time.
It fails to hold that solid anything;
Except for a myriad of Pain.

So I tell myself over and over,
To quit my mission.
Because, the past has succeeded
In fogging my present,
With its shadowy memories.

Still, I crave for more;
There’s never an end to this therefore.
How long would this really last?
I can only tell, by walking from my past.

P.S: Something everyone should remember when our minds tend to hold back and linger on the web of past memoirs... Some things can never be erased. Mistakes happen. What matters is what we learn from them. Letting go is the hardest but it's a must to survive. Our life is like a book. Some chapters belong to the past, some to the present and rest of the unturned pages belong to the future. To know what lies ahead, all we have to do is turn the next page.  Don't turn back for uncertainties are sure to cloud your vision. Just find the will to venture forth for the better or for worse.


  1. Abs right neha.. Somethings stay on and on.. however hard we try t erase it will never go.. very well written ..love coming back here:)

  2. well said neha ..nice flow of words !


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