July 23, 2011


The little droplets joined their hands,                                         
To form a small current;
Which in turn twined into one,
And grew into a strong torrent.

We now see the mighty river,
Swaying across the forest floor;
Twisting and turning royally,
As it ventures out of the green door.

Never wondering in the slightest,
That it’s about meet its journey’s end;
The mighty river eyes the wide ocean,
Far across the rocky bend.

The ocean beckons the mighty river,
With its wide open arms;
Mesmerizing the king of currents,
To enter into its deep, salty balm.

Hypnotized by the ocean’s charm,
The mighty river gushes into the sandy galore;
But before it can look back at its journey’s stretch,
The wide waves consume it with deep fervor.

Pulled, deep into the ocean’s heart;
The mighty river disintegrates to what it once was;
The little droplets are now a part the wide ocean,
Making its waves stronger than it ever was.

note:  My attempt at nature poetry.. Most of the time, my mind dwells on issues like life,future,past etc.. Finally succeeded in diverting my mind to write something new!! :) 

Shared withThursday Poets Rally Week 57 (December 1-7, 2011)

I'm very happy to receive The Perfect Poets Award for Week 57. Very humbled that my work has been given recognition among all the other wonderful poets around here. Thank you Poet's Rally for giving me an opportunity to share my work.                                                    
A dream unlike ever
Has indeed come for real
My heart soars with joy

I nominate Ms.Peaches for this round of award.


  1. love the river imagery here,
    artistic and incredible imagery.

    Happy Rally.

    Read as many entries as you can if you have time.

  2. @The Orange Tree, Thank you for the feedback, will sure do:)

  3. Love your writing. You are talented!



  4. beautiful success of your writing attempt
    nature poetry is my favorite and this is excellent

  5. @JP , thank you so much for nominating my work.

    @Blossom Vydrina, Thank you for the feedback :)

  6. I thought your river poem was really great. It was so well written. The image of two droplets becoming holding hands was really cool. Great Job

  7. well deserved award, Thanks for honoring it,

    welcome to poets rally week 58 tomorrow.



  8. @Morning, Thank you :)
    @nefariousx, Thank you so much for the appreciation :)
    @Promising Poets Parking Lot, Thank you and I hope to keep up the honor next round too :)


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