March 07, 2012

Boys and their Precious Bikes

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I can never come to understand completely what it is that makes literally all the guys (the cool ones, the strong ones, the smart ones, the geeky and nerdy ones!!) go mad when they see a fancy blazing bike. I mean the amount of undeviating devotion that pours from the soul of every guy just surprises me to a mundane extent.
“You are so ignorant, how would you know the real thrill of riding a Ducati at a 110, go back to riding your silly Dio and never ask me such infuriating questions such as ‘why do you like bikes’”, is one of the irritating answers I get from my brother (who has personally never ridden a Ducati himself yet acts all knowingly as though he came up with that bike!) when I ask him, “why do guys act all heartbroken when they see a fancy bike?”. Did I just get word-slapped like that Mentos ad?? (“Mentos kao, dimaag ki batti jalao!”)

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I mean, come on it’s just a machine guys. All it does is rotate its wheel at different accelerating levels and transport at most two or three people from a source to destination by drinking in petrol like a thirsty camel!! Is it the hair-rising speed that makes all the guys go “god-dammit I gotta ride one of those beauties!”... I guess I got my answer. And probably the shape of the bike plays its role too. Modern bikes have a high raised passenger seat which gives it a “cool” look but it’s not at all a comfortable back seat to be able to sit on. They design the seats in such a way that if a girl sits there, she should have no other choice but to hug the bike rider (I see they have removed all the safety side handles and stuff ...just for the “thrills” as they call it!). Either that or the pillion rider should have their arms flailing around like a helpless monkey while the rider takes his “beauty” to a dangerous speed.

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Bikes are no longer just some transport vehicles. They are the new fancy expensive accessories that every guy wishes to flaunt. Just like how all the fashion-obsessed divas like to flaunt about their new pair of D&G bags and high heels. Bike designing is no longer seen from a point of mere consumerism. It’s the new art. The art of designing bikes is equivalent to any Picasso or Da Vinci art. Guys are so obsessed with the new designs and all that self-art stuff that they worship the whole process of bringing a newly designed bike to life. I love art and so any form of art is appreciated by me, be it a crazy looking green bike like this or that monstrous looking bike from the movie ghost rider.

I came across this picture at Facebook and it clearly states the amount of obsession that a guy holds for his bike (need I say more!!). Girls are secondary when it comes to their bikes. They’d rather worship the bike. But have you ever wondered why guys want to flaunt an expensive, fast bike. “It’s for the thrill of the speed” are the usual lines I hear from them. Yeah, yeah... but deep down, they want to attract the female crowd. “To impress a girl”, is about as bluntly as I can put it. It’s the mediocre purpose of every youngster’s life. I know at this point all you guys might be gearing up to come back at me with your defensive speech but let’s face it, if a guy gets a new, shiny 500 cc (or whatever it is!!) bike and doesn’t hear a compliment from any of the eye-lid battling girls, then that’s such a heart break isn’t it?! :P
Anyway jokes aside, bikes are cool. I have never personally ridden a bike but I have gone on some cool journeys by sitting safely behind my friend. I hate too much of speed, I guess I have a little phobia or something. But other than that, I enjoy being a pillion rider on a bike (though I don’t like climbing and sitting on the back seat, it feels like I’m climbing a high compound!!).

 So guys, do buy your favourite accessory coz you have every right to flaunt your style and taste just like how we girls flaunt our accessories (I’m referring to bags and shoes of course ;) )... But my only advice is: “wear helmet and drive safely”.



  1. The bike has replaced the stallion and the car, the chariot. The man though still rides and drives through the urban jungle in search of the fair maiden... and he rides on...

  2. Everybody has their obsession, male or female. But, thanks for your advice.

  3. Big boys and their toys :P Yes,I agree,sometimes we do get carried away...but c'mon..bikes are way too functional than a 5" stilettos :P

  4. i never wear helmet :-)

    1. @chitra, neither do I :P .. I've paid a lot of fine :-/ .. so now I wear helmet even though I hate wearing it!!

  5. more than flaunting the bike , its the adrenaline rush that drives us crazy ...girls are always secondary when it comes to sports bikes...because bikes can get you girls, but its never the other way round :P



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