March 03, 2012

Midnight Ramblings

I’m gonna treat this post as my scribbling pad (BEWARE, unruly ramblings ahead!!).  I just need to spit out some issues out of my mind. Firstly I’m extremely pissed off at my project guide/lecturer who is purposefully making me give a seminar on the same topic (for 20 mins!!) AGAIN... She has my 50 marks so all I can do is just suck it up and prepare for the damn seminar again. Oh, did I forget to mention, she has even criticized that my seminar report has very less number of pages (last time I checked,  22 pages of seminar report is the minimum number of pages a student is supposed to make and my report is a total 24 pages!!). These lecturers I tell you. When you are in your early semesters, they play with your internal marks and sometimes refuse to give you minimum marks just because they caught you dozing in their class or copying in some trivial unit test they conducted in class. And if such a lecturer becomes your practical lab guide, you are sure to become her personal lab rat for the rest of the semester. If you are unable to get the required output in every lab you can bet your bum, that lecturer will have an evil glee in her eyes as she happily marks a big, round zero on your weekly lab assessment.

 But coming to the final semester, you’d think all these childish acts between a student and a lecturer has finally come to a rest. WRONG!!!  The 200 marks project is their final boon to destroy your remaining amount of self-respect and conviction. During the last 5 months of your engineering lives, these devilish lecturers enter your lives and they make sure every day of those 5 months is a living hell. As long as you suffer under their rule, they are happy. Voice your opinion even a little loudly; consider yourself black-listed in their evil minds for the sole purpose of sabotage and torture for the rest of the semester. That’s where I am right now. In this case I didn’t exactly voice my opinion but my project partner did in one of the recent seminar sessions. And as a result, our clearly pissed off guide has started her reign of sabotage and torture on our lives. Two months of this semester is already behind me. Still three more months to go and I’m literally counting the days. Sigh!!

P.S: I apologize for bringing such a hateful topic on my blog space. But this thing was really bugging me and left me all restless, not giving my creative writing side a chance to come up with anything positive. Maybe now that I’ve spit it out of my mind in the form of words, I can actually get back to being my cheerful self again.

P.P.S: um, still a little distraught. Maybe sleep should help. Oh, crap... Just remembered my assignment is due tomorrow (another hateful lecturer is trying to ruin my life!! ).. Oh well, I’d better stop rambling here and start writing (the said hateful lecturer has posed a ridiculous rule which states “no assignment tomorrow== no internal test next week” =|).


  1. See this is your blog space.. you can write and blast anyone, without hurting them personally :D
    why apologies ?
    Rocking post !
    Loved reading it :D

  2. ha ha poor you. My project guide is more like "I am grateful you took your project uder me. Who cares you work or not, you shall have ten on ten":)

  3. Loved reading the post! Joining the site.

  4. @Deepak, thanks again :):) ... ya I know but still I'd better be careful for the time being. My college is such that if they get any inkling someone is spreading a bad name, they do everything in their power to ruin that person's life... this is just the beginning. Once I'm through with my engineering and bid a good-bye to this college then I'm gonna post one loooong post on the injustice taking place at my college :P :P

    @deva, oh mahn, I wish we had lecturers like that :-/ .. is there anyway we can trade our guides?? :P :P

    @Rohit, Thank you so much and welcome to my blog :)

  5. well i dont see anything hateful about it but now that u r done with it may be we ll get to read something different :D cheers

  6. @debajyoti, It was a tough task to "mellow" down my tone while I was typing this last night... I have a very different set of words while speaking about them with my friends ;)
    hehe, thanks :)

  7. These days passed...just grin and bear it. I had those days and I will too ~

    Have a good week ~

  8. Thank you Grace. I hope to do the same too. Its the grinning and bearing part that's hard to stand by.

  9. the day has passed and hopefully you are already outta the frustration ;). . have a good day :)

    1. Thanks Malini :) ... my frustration level will decrease once I'm done with engineering :P

  10. good you got the rant out of ur system. btw what do u mean by seminar?

  11. @maliny , thank you :)

    @confusedyuppie, ya I'm feeling better now :) ... seminar means we have to give a presentation on our topics in front of all the lecturers and class. These lecturers sit together like beauty panel judges and give us marks depending upon out presentation slides and our way of presentation, eye contact and hand gestures. At the end of the seminar they shoot random questions at us just to show they have more brains than us :P


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