March 08, 2012

Holi, a festival of colors

A color brings forth a smile
A smile so pleasurable
Can see it from a mile
Holi, a festive pleasure of colors

Simmers you with multi-color
It's a game of colors more or less
Makes you look flashier than a sunflower
A year has passed and holi's back!

Red, blue, green and yellow
Here to lift every Indian's inner spirit
This is holi and that's what it's all about!!

P.S: I wish everyone a Happy Holi :) :) ... girls at my college celebrated holi with tremendous zest. It was fun to watch all the lecturers and students together, playing on this festive occasion. I tried to escape but in the end got a little color smeared across my face too. Whether the colors are filled with chemicals or not, this is one festival where every adult starts to feel young again and every youngster starts to mingle and spread the color and it's an eye treat for all the kids who are seeing this colorful celebration for the first time.

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  1. Sounds fun, and quite colorful! It reminded me of this:

  2. i could feel the colors splashing through...nice...:)

  3. I have never heard of this festival Holi, but as I read your poem ... I think I would love that festival very well.
    Lovely verse.


    1. Chevrefeuille, holi is a really fun festival to celebrate :) Thanks for the review :)

  4. Hello.
    I've never personally experience Holi, but I've seen quite a few photos this past week. Lots of color & everyone's smiling...something we need more of. Thanks for sharing.

    The Painting And The Poet

  5. I can see that Holi festival is one of the most popular and festive holiday in India and many people around the world are celebrating it. Since this year Holi Festival is coming, I'd like to express my holi greetings in advance to my friends and loved ones. Happy Holi!

  6. This seems like a fun and festive occasion!
    My best and warmest holi greetings everyone!

    Anne Walker


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