December 06, 2011

A strange place to call home.

They sat and ate in silence.
Glad to be warm inside,
After a long day's penance.
They felt home, so far from home.

The darkness of winter,
And the cold snowy storm,
Were well outside the shackled walls.
All accepted prison life with lesser scorn.

They might as well get used to this.
This is their home, for the next few days.
And at the end of this Reality Show,
Is where the Real Money pays.

P.S: Wrote this with regard to all the reality shows that are aired on T.V. A strange place to live with different people from different backgrounds. And amidst all the cat-fights and politics that goes on inside these reality shows, When people get-together and share food, everyone feels at home at that instant.


  1. Thanks neha for introducing yourself to my blog.
    loved the line "all accepted prison life with lesser scorn"...hmm acceptance of prison! sounds interesting!!

  2. @Rohit, Thank you for stopping by. What I tried to describe was being cooped up in a room full of strangers is better than being alone outside in the dark and cold winter's night.

    @izhiher, That's so sweet of you. Thanks again, smiles :)

  3. You are right about the sharing of food within a warring community ....
    (my guilty pleasure ~ Survivor)

  4. If only I could just shoot a few people!

  5. Interesting context. For some reason I felt that a prisoner would still be somewhat glad to be inside a "warmer" cell rather than out in the freezing cold.

  6. @Whitesnake, y so?

    @Nel, this isin't exactly the actually prison, its per se... If you have seen some of the reality shows like Big Boss or Big Brother, you'll know what I'm talking about. For a sum of a hansom amount, celebrities participate in those shows n they all live inside a big house. I was just trying to relate their attitudes to bending their ego and getting along!!

  7. Very perceptive. I've often thought these make-believe friends may know each other better
    than real-life friends.


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