December 07, 2011


Forgetting important things has always been a passive habit of mine.
Often when I travel, I get this lingering feeling that I might have left something behind.
Really, sometimes I just wish I could forget forgetting for once.
Generally, I forget to pick up my mom from the grocery shop.
Of course she can’t reach me through my cell-phone.
That’s because I’d often forget to recharge its battery too!
Ting tong! Wonder who that could be?
Evening MOM, I know I forgot again, sorry... (That's one angry mom!)
Now, where was I? Oh, forget it... ~waves a white flag!!!~

P.S: Just to be clear, I never forget to pick up my mom from the grocery shop!! 

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  1. Cute piece. I am so forgettful it isn't funny!

  2. It is easy to forget other things when the mind is busy writing poetry and prose. I am so glad to know that you don't forget your mother, though.

  3. I have to leave yellow stickee notes all over
    the apartment - Cute.

  4. Things are bad. Wait till you are my age and then see what you forget...just about everything! Poor Mom!

  5. @Sheilagh Lee, @Angel, @Rahul Bhatia, Thank you and many thanks for visiting my blog.

    @MaryA, you are right. I am a little forgetful when it comes to remembering smaller things. But can't forget my mom even if I tried :)

    @Marie, haha, even I do the same. I've even got a post-it on my bedroom wall that says: "you are supposed to be studying" :P .. I just get easily distracted.

    @oldegg, oh that's too bad. Hope my memory improves as I age!!

  6. hi neha,
    that is a brilliant poem!

    stopping by to say hi and thanks for following at CUT AND DRY.
    following right back your lovely blog.

    keep it up!

  7. That's such an interesting play of words. I wish I could be that creative :-)

  8. I just don't have any idea what to say or not over this !! Simply " I too forget"...Words couldn't have a more " unforgettable " structure, the way you used.. awesome one and don't worry Mom would too forget about it and forgive you !!! hahahahahaha

  9. @Raaji, Thank you and I love your blog, I've been ur follower for quite some time now. Love all ur short stories. Very Romantic:)

    @Veby, thanks and hahaha,very funny :)

  10. Brilliant work on most common phenomenon among the HUMANS :D

  11. its ok to forget about things but if u keep thinking about it, eventually u ll develop OCD. so chill, just dont forget to pick up ur mom from the grocery shop :)

  12. Good post Neha! I came here from Indiblogger. Good post. Nice blog. I follow you. !!! Keep writing good stuff, coz we all are folks bitten by the writer's bug! ;)

    Good day!


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