December 11, 2011

My Knight Forever

“Where are you taking me?”
Curiously, she tried to peek,
From behind the blindfold.
“Patience my love, you’ll soon see”
He let the blindfold fall.
There they stood,
Middle of a giant chessboard.
Surrounded by the majestic,
Black and white pawns.
“This is beautiful”, she sighed
“If only I knew how to play...”
“You’ll soon learn from me” he smiled
“But on one condition...”
He knelt down and held out his hand;
“Will you be my queen forever?”
She folded her arms and spoke;
“No, I shan’t!”
His devastated look made her happy.
She had found her true love at last.
Reaching down to him,
She whispered in his ear;
“Will you honour my heart,
And be my forever knight?”


  1. A lovely poem.. I think we both had similar thoughts...having chess as the background to our words.. Neha, you write very well.. thanks..for honouring me..

  2. You just won yourself a new fan! I love this! I am following you now! :) Hugs!

  3. Hello.
    I love the tender romance in this.
    The power & magic of love knows no bounds.
    Awesome imagery & great take on the prompt!
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:
    Eleven Roses And You

  4. Adorable and romantic. Very wonderful visual.

  5. @shail, @ramesh @sharath, thank you so much for the comments :)
    @kellie, i'm flattered :)thank you so much for following my blog :)
    @Andy, thank you :)
    @Marie, thank you very much :)

  6. A beautiful visual of the game of love

  7. A very romantic game Neha...:)
    I suddenly feel wanting my knight to appear and snatch me to neverland...:)

  8. WOW!!!!! Jus "WOW"!
    You, your imaginations, your creations eveything simply Superb!!

  9. Lovely poem. I like how you showed the lady's femininity.

  10. Thank you Amity, That's every girl's dream ;) :)

    Thank you Susie :)

    @Veby, wow, thanks for the appreciation :)

    @D2, you are very observant, thank you :)

  11. This is awesome. Loved that chess board :)

  12. Lovely. I hope something special like this happens in my game of chess.

    1. Thanks Leo. And best wishes from my side that something unravels in your game of chess soon :) ;)


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