December 11, 2011


The ocean calls from beyond.
Little boat, with its long oars,
Ready to be taken for a sail;
As they await you by the shore.

It’s upon you to mount this boat,
Leave behind this so called life.
Come aboard, the ocean calls to you,
To escape from life’s piercing knives.

Your life so far, a grieving symphony.
You deserve another chance at recovery.
Come aboard, the ocean calls to you.
Your future waits, sail ahead to rediscover.

The ocean swoons you from beyond.
Free yourself from the bonds of fear and shackle.
For it is time to start, a journey afresh.
Oh, to be young again, is indeed a life’s miracle.

P.S: A second chance at rediscovering one's life, could be anyone's dream.

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  1. Your PS is too tragic for most of us bear but we all do it at least a little!

  2. Just beautiful. The ocean calls indeed, and the call must be heeded.

  3. A miracle indeed. Lovely, Neha!

  4. Beautiful! This had such an inviting tone. Great piece!

  5. @Catfish Tales, I'm glad this is of convincing material :)
    @Stafford Ray, I didn't meant it to be tragic sir. But you can't deny everyone thinks of redemption at one time or the other.
    @mary, @insanebloom, @Laura, @Umesh; thank you for the comments and the visit :)

  6. Hello.
    Thought-provoking piece & powerful imagery.
    Very nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks also for visiting & following my blog. I always try to return the kindness & have become your newest follower too. Do stop by again soon!

    For ref:
    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  7. Great imagery in this one, Neha. Thank you.

  8. How beautiful. I love your positive vision.

  9. I shall grab the oars and row with you..beautiful poem

  10. Nicely written. Thank you for sharing!

  11. i hear the call and i am heading it....nice write...

  12. Neha this is beautiful and full of truth! :-)

  13. Beautiful and the promise of a better tomorrow is enticing.

  14. Thank you for joining Poets United. I have added your blog to our blogroll so others can discover you and your wonderful poetry. Poets United is what you make of it so explore, comment often and it will lead to folks doing so in return. We look forward to visiting your blog and reading your poetry.

    Ink runs from the corners of my mouth
    There is no happiness like mine.
    I have been eating poetry.
    ~Mark Strand

  15. I love the last stanza - it provides the reader/dreamer inspiration to accept its invitation! Nicely done!

  16. Thank you so much for your feedbacks. Made my day!! :) Andy, Doctor FTSE, thingy, Susie, eflores, Brian Miller, Carrie Brutt and Rek

    @Mark Strand, thank you for the add :)
    @becca givens, thank you. I was trying to inspire myself with some words from my own mind.

  17. of all :) i loved the P;S - veryyyyyyyyy much!

  18. lovely last line..:) You write well...


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