December 01, 2011


Light from a burning candle.
A struggle to spread its warmth around.
As darkness threatens to overwhelm.

Light from a burning candle.
That's all a seeker seeks for-
A path to travel through the darkness.

Light from a burning candle.
A symbol of enlightenment and hope.
The little warrior of light. 

P.S: Thanks to my friend Suhas for the wonderful photo. "A picture speaks a thousand words". Hoping to have done some justice to the beautiful pic!!


  1. A haiku is definitely not easy. though 3 lines may not seem like many... Welcome to my meme, Haiku Heights..

    I like your thought, and your frame of thought on the light of a candle.

    A haiku is syllable restricted.. there is a difference between syllable and word :) Take your name itself as an example.. "Neha Kuduvalli".. it has 2 words, but you pronounce it as Ne-ha Ku-du-val-li right, so it has 6 syllables :)

    A haiku has in a traditional form, 5 syllables in first line, 7 in the second, 5 in the third; in the free format, anything less than 17 syllables :)

    Learning is fun :) even after so much of haiku, I'm still a learner in the form. Your first attempt on the form is something all haiku poets have done when new to the form. I hope my explanation helps somewhat to improve on the form and for you to try again in coming prompts at Haiku Heights :) Apologies if I said too much :)

  2. @Leo,
    Thank you for your guidance. And not at all. When I read the guidelines about Haiku on Haiku Heights, I misunderstood a syllable to mean each word on the whole, and as you can see, I sat the whole night and came up with lines containing exactly 5-7-5 words... Now I know it counts more than 5-7-5 syllable.
    Thank you for the advice. Hoping to cut down on words on the next post. :)

  3. Excellent Neha.

    Light for some is hope, for some help and for some means!

    Will sure like to visit your Blog often.


  4. so beautiful Haiku,Neha. Does not sem like your first . Want to read more!

    And so thankful for your comment ;).

    Follow each other.

  5. @Harshad Mehta, sir, you just described it to perfection. Thank you very much. Consider the same from my side :)

    @izdiher, thanks a lot for your compliments :) and ya i'm following your lovely blog:)

  6. Neha - your sentiments are lovely ... Leo's explanation should help ... there are several syllable counters on the internet that are of great help ... then again, you can use your fingers :-)

    Please continue --

  7. @beccagivens, thank you so much:). And ya, trying my best to improve:)

  8. Little warrior of LIGHT :D cute :)

  9. So thoughtful and so beautifully expressed Neha!

  10. I don't know much to analyze a Haiku, but your thoughts about 'light' are expressed in a beautiful and attractive manner.

  11. didn't seem like a first attempt
    nice :)

    your indivine vote fr my post brought me here


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